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Evan Mathis Has Four Possible Football Teams To Sign With

Evan Mathis great guard
Evan Mathis

Evan Mathis, the 33-year-old Guard, was recently let go by the Philadelphia Eagles, although with his football experience and Pro Bowler status it won’t take a long time for other NFL teams to pick him up. Mathis has the advantage of having an excellent interior offensive line performance, which will be a great asset to any of the many teams with a weak line.

There are already four NFL teams that have taken a very specific interest in Mathis, and each team could use his talents to the fullest and build a much stronger offense around him. The teams are:

  • New York Giants: they lost left tackle Will Beaty, and Mathis would support Flowers.
  • Seattle Seahawks: have a zone attack, and Mathis is a great zone-blocker.
  • Denver Broncos: Peyton Manning needs better blockers, and Mathis would fit perfectly.
  • Oakland Raiders: the Raiders have enough money to grab him and use him.

This is a Free Agent’s dream, having the talent that a lot of teams need and want, and being able to join their team before the season starts. There are other teams that MAthis could be an essential part of their offensive line, but we will have to wait and see who ends up picking him up. Can’t wait to see how much better any football team will get after he joins.

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