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Football Teams 2-0, Future Or Not

Tom Brady giving high five to Gronkowski
Football 2-0 record teams

Before going into Week 3 of the football season, we need to gauge which of the current NFL teams that have a 2-0 record are most likely to continue having great games, while others may start to flake and fall back in the rankings. There are a total of nine teams that have a 2-0 record, which is impressive for the start of the season. These teams are:

  • New England Patriots
  • New York Jets
  • Cincinnati Bengals
  • Denver Broncos
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Atlanta Falcons
  • Carolina Panthers
  • Arizona Cardinals

This is a strong start for all of these teams, but we all know that the sport doesn’t always play out like most would expect. Not all will be able to make it to the playoffs, while some may even get hit with a losing record despite this good start. In 2014, the Buffalo Bills, Houston Texans and Philadelphia Eagles all followed up 2-0 starts with relatively strong seasons, but none ended up in the playoffs.

Two teams seem to have the worst odds of following this pattern this year, the Dallas Cowboys and Carolina Panthers. They are talented, but the future may not be good to them; especially for the Cowboys with Tony Romo and Dez Bryant out on injuries. The Broncos and Falcons are teams you just can’t rely on to be consistent, based on their 2014 performances.

The other five teams left over have the best odds to keep winning games and getting to the playoffs. Some fans may not agree, but all of these NFL teams have racked up enough talent on their team, kept them healthy, and are proving to be an unstoppable force in just the first two weeks of games. Their players have proved to be more than willing to outperform everyone else on the field, which is why their victories so far this football season have been outstanding.

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