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Super Bowl 50 football game

Super Bowl 50 Football Preview

Super Bowl 50 will be one to remember as both football teams are fired up and ready to meet on the field, not to mention that it may be the last game that quarterback Peyton Manning will play as he may be retiring afterwards. The match-up between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos is […]

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football Pro Bowl

Football Season Ending, Pro Bowl then Super Bowl

Giving the football players two weeks to prepare for the Super Bowl is a great idea, and what makes it even better is that they have a great match-up the week before just for fun with the Pro Bowl. Every year the Pro Bowl brings together players from different teams and places them on the […]

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football conference championships

Conference Championship Football Match-Ups

Only one more game until the Super Bowl, so watch as the last four football teams play it out for their spot at the Conference championships. Only four teams remain, the New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, Arizona Cardinals, and Carolina Panthers. During this weekend’s match-ups we will see the top franchises in the NFL battle […]

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2016 football playoffs

Divisional Playoff Football Games and Match-ups

Four football teams were able to make it past the Wild Card weekend, but now move on to face some heavy competition during the Divisional playoffs being played this weekend. The games will be close, as each team has their strengths, whether it is a great offense or defense in their favor. Check out the […]

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Marshawn Lynch pulled hamstring during Bears game NFL Week 3

Football Injuries Going Into NFL Week 4

It is always a tragedy when one of the top football players of any NFL team gets injured, as it hurts the chances of team winning, but also due to the fact that fans enjoy watching these players perform their magic on the field. During last week’s games there were a couple of hard hitting […]

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Eagles third string QB Tim Tebow cut from team

NFL Team Cuts To Fit 53 Football Player Roster

On Saturday, the deadline for each NFL team to reach their 53-man roster was met, although there were many football fans surprised by some of the cuts. It is a hard job for a coach to do, as they look for only the best players possible to fill their roster in preparation for the start […]

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Deflated Ball

Football Inflation Rule May Be A Problem

The 2015 NFL season is set to start and with it are a bunch of new rules that are set in place to help the League avoid any more controversies. However, the football inflation rule will be a lot more difficult to manage than most would think, even the officials are seeing the impossibility of […]

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Safety Ed Reed

Football Players Retiring In 2015

With any job there comes a time when their employees, or in this case football players, retire. The NFL has a generally low age for retiring players, unless of course you are a husky looking quarterback that always comes back. This is why some fans are sad to see some of their favorite players walk […]

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JaJuan Dawson ex-NFL receiver

Sad Day In Football As JaJuan Dawson Body Is Recovered From Lake

It is a tragic day as a fellow football player has lost his life earlier than anyone would have expected. Ex-NFL receiver JaJuan Dawson’s body was found late last night, around 11:35 pm, in Lake Levon in Texas. Dawson was reported missing on Sunday when he fell into a lake. He was on the lake […]

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yahoo steam nfl game

Yahoo Beat Out Twitter For The Rights To Stream Bills-Jaguars Football Game

Yahoo was recently given the rights to live stream the NFL game between the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars that is to take place on October 25 that is to take place in London. However, what most people did not know what that another large corporation tried to get those rights as well. Twitter, with […]

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