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Super Bowl 50 Football Preview

Super Bowl 50 football game

super bowl football game

Super Bowl 50 will be one to remember as both football teams are fired up and ready to meet on the field, not to mention that it may be the last game that quarterback Peyton Manning will play as he may be retiring afterwards. The match-up between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos is going to be an intense one, seeing as how both teams have a solid defense, so the offense is what the winner has to focus on.

Denver Broncos

Manning is 39 years old, the oldest quarterback to start in a Super Bowl, but despite his popularity, he is not the center of attention in the upcoming game. The Broncos have won 11 games by seven or fewer points, but then won in the end thanks to their defense. Even Manning said it,

“Like I’ve said from the get-go, our defense has gotten us to this point. Let’s make that very clear.”

The players that are standing out are their cornerbacks, Chris Harris Jr., Aqib Talib, and Bradley Roby. They have beaten down the opponents passing plays, and Roby has even been used as a safety to stop the running plays. This is one factor that could lead them to victory over the Panthers, but it may not be enough to overcome their offense.

Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton is their most dangerous weapon, getting a total of 45 combined touchdowns; 35 passing and 10 rushing. The offensive line has only allowed him to get hit 61 times, the third-lowest total in the league. To top it off, he has Devin Funchess, Ted Ginn Jr., and Corey Brown there to catch his passes, and they have been doing it amazingly well. With Newton’s speed, agility, and the fact that he is a moving quarterback will most likely catch the Broncos defense off-guard in the first two quarters of the game, and that could mean a good lead for them at the half.

They will have a very hard time getting through the Bronco defense, as they are first in pass yards allowed (199.6) and third in rush yards allowed (83.6). It will be difficult for Newton to decide whether to throw or run the ball, but the plays will have to be perfect if they want the ball to pass through. The Panther defense is also doing well, so it will all depend on which football team’s offense can punch through the most.

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