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Oakland Raiders Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tennessee Titans

Predicting The Football Underdogs 2015 Records

Just a few more weeks until football season starts up again and the NFL team’s are hard at work with their training camps. Some team’s are trying to forget their past seasons record, as it may be embarrassing to know that they had a losing streak. However, the good thing about a new season is […]

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Safety Ed Reed

Football Players Retiring In 2015

With any job there comes a time when their employees, or in this case football players, retire. The NFL has a generally low age for retiring players, unless of course you are a husky looking quarterback that always comes back. This is why some fans are sad to see some of their favorite players walk […]

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JaJuan Dawson ex-NFL receiver

Sad Day In Football As JaJuan Dawson Body Is Recovered From Lake

It is a tragic day as a fellow football player has lost his life earlier than anyone would have expected. Ex-NFL receiver JaJuan Dawson’s body was found late last night, around 11:35 pm, in Lake Levon in Texas. Dawson was reported missing on Sunday when he fell into a lake. He was on the lake […]

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Ohio State ranked #1 by Ranks The 15 Best College Football Teams

Each year, right before the NCAA College football season starts, the professional side of the sport likes to rank the teams based on their own criteria, which is why has released the Top 15 College teams, which don’t really come as much of a surprise based on their performances last year. The Top 15 […]

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College football player prospects

NFL Supplemental Draft With 7 College Football Prospects

For those NFL teams and fans that still want or need good players on their roster, they will have a chance to buff up their bench with the football supplemental draft that will be taking place on Thursday, July 9th. Taking place at 10:00 a.m. PT, the franchises will have the chance to choose from […]

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