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NFL Supplemental Draft With 7 College Football Prospects

College football player prospects
Football supplemental draft

For those NFL teams and fans that still want or need good players on their roster, they will have a chance to buff up their bench with the football supplemental draft that will be taking place on Thursday, July 9th. Taking place at 10:00 a.m. PT, the franchises will have the chance to choose from seven different college players, ready to take the step into professional sports.

Player POS College
Isaiah Battle T Clemson
Darrius Caldwell DE West Georgia
Eric Eiland DE Houston
Sean McQuillan TE Connecticut
Kevin Short DB Fort Scott CC
Dalvon Stuckey DT West Georgia
Adrian Wilkins WR North Carolina Central

All of these players have good chances of getting picked up by a team, as they all posses great qualities that many would need and want. There are three procedures when it comes to this draft:

  • The Draft will keep going until all seven players have been picked or seven rounds have been completed. Rounds last 10 minutes.
  • If a team picks a player, that same team will renounce that same selection during the same round at the 2016 Draft.
  • Priority will be established by a lottery, and teams will be notified prior to 1:00 p.m.

A player hos not been drafted since 2012, so hopefully they get picked.

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