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Ohio State ranked #1 by
College Football rankings

Each year, right before the NCAA College football season starts, the professional side of the sport likes to rank the teams based on their own criteria, which is why has released the Top 15 College teams, which don’t really come as much of a surprise based on their performances last year.

The Top 15 ranked college teams are:

1 Ohio State Tons of highly talented players
2 TCU Dynamic QB and talented offense
3 Michigan State Tough defense and Star QB
4 Alabama Deep and talented defense
5 Baylor Highly athletic team
6 Oregon Great RB and coach
7 Florida State Outstanding recruiting
8 USC Excellent offensive line
9 Auburn Great QB and RB combo
10 Ole Miss Excellent defense
11 Clemson Excellent QB and Dynamic WR’s
12 Notre Dame Good QB and offensive line
13 Georgia Amazing Linebackers and RB
14 Arizona Good sync with no-huddle offense
15 UCLA Veteran offensive line and RB

There are many other great teams that would have fit the criteria to be on this list, but these 15 teams simply outmatched them in their own respective areas, whether their strong offense is predicted to crush the opposition, or have their outstanding defense stop enough plays to carry the team.

Either way, look forward to seeing these teams live up to the hype on this list or see which teams will get beat out by those that just barely didn’t make it on. For more details on why ranked these teams this way, read about it here.

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