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Tom Brady cranking out the passes like a pro

Brady And NFL Still No Settlement On Football Suspension

For those football fans, especially those rooting for the New England Patriots, that were waiting to finally get an answer on whether quarterback Tom Brady will get the full, reduced, or no suspensions for his dealings in Defaltegate. Although the evidence hasn’t really proven that Brady was ever directly or indirectly involved in the incident […]

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Deflated Ball

Football Inflation Rule May Be A Problem

The 2015 NFL season is set to start and with it are a bunch of new rules that are set in place to help the League avoid any more controversies. However, the football inflation rule will be a lot more difficult to manage than most would think, even the officials are seeing the impossibility of […]

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Patriots QB Tom Brady

DeflateGate: Tom Brady Present His Suspension Case To Football Commissioner Goodell

Tom Brady, star quarterback for the New England Patriots, met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell during a 10 hour meeting in order to appeal his 4-game suspension due to his part he played in “Deflategate”. He arrived early on Tuesday morning with his attorney, Jeffrey Kessler, famous lawyer that takes on the most iconic football […]

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