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Brady And NFL Still No Settlement On Football Suspension

Tom Brady cranking out the passes like a pro
Tom Brady Football Suspension

For those football fans, especially those rooting for the New England Patriots, that were waiting to finally get an answer on whether quarterback Tom Brady will get the full, reduced, or no suspensions for his dealings in Defaltegate. Although the evidence hasn’t really proven that Brady was ever directly or indirectly involved in the incident during the game against the Colts last season, the NFL still says he was involved due to the destruction of a cell phone. This phone allegedly had video of the incident, which is why Brady is on trial at the moment and being given the 4-game suspension.

There was no settlement reached when the NFL and the lawyers were in talks on Monday at the Federal court house. Judge Richard Berman, the judge that has been in charge of the case for several weeks already, announced early in the morning that the talks were over. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Tom Brady were both in attendance for Monday’s session, where Judge Berman mentioned that “some cases are simply not able to be settled.”

As a decision was not met on Monday, we should expect some kind of resolution and final decision by the end of the week. This has to be resolved before the start of the 2015 Regular Season, which actually begins on September 10. The biggest issue is that the Patriots are playing the first game of the regular season against a tough opponent, the Pittsburgh Steelers. So, you can imagine that the Patriots would like to have an answer before then to see how they can work out their strategy.

Whether Brady is given the full 4-game suspension, or it is reduced to 2-games, the Patriots will still miss out on having their star QB on the field. On the off-chance that the Judge determines that the NFL did not have enough evidence to suspend Brady, it will be a completely different story, and may even give them a huge advantage over other teams who do have suspended or injured players. In this case, they would be able to overcome the Steelers, as they have lost three key players due to injury and a suspension.

Let’s wait until Judge Richard Berman finally reaches a decision to start throwing our arms up in displeasure. Football season is always full of excitement, whether it is on the field or in the court room. Can’t wait to have the points, touchdowns, and victories actually mean something.

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