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Yahoo Beat Out Twitter For The Rights To Stream Bills-Jaguars Football Game

yahoo steam nfl game
Yahoo steam football game

Yahoo was recently given the rights to live stream the NFL game between the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars that is to take place on October 25 that is to take place in London. However, what most people did not know what that another large corporation tried to get those rights as well. Twitter, with its billions of users and followers, wanted to be able to take part in such a historic event.

The NFL had to choose between two highly influential companies, with billions of users that could be a part of the League and the sport itself. Twitter was offering to split the revenue of the stream, non-exclusive rights to stream, along with a certain upfront money. Yahoo, who was picked, simply offered $20 million for the rights to stream the game.

Money won in the end, as the NFL decided to go with Yahoo and their billion user base. It is still great for all sports fans around the world, as they will now be able to watch a live stream of the game over the internet for the first time in history. Let’s hope this catches on and more companies and people are given the rights to stream football games live, without fear of reprisals.

In an effort for most companies to cut the cord of cable, this is a great step forward for people that simply want to enjoy the sport they love without having to pay for additional packages they don’t need or want. For more details read here.

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