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NFL Prepares Officials For 2015 Football Season

football officials get ready for 2015 season
NFL Football officials

We all know the 2015 NFL season is coming up, and all of the football players and teams are hard at work training and getting ready. However, they are not the only ones that have to prepare for the gruelling season, as the officials are also undergoing their own training. If you have taken a look at most NFL refs, they are not to be taken lightly.

Learning the new rules, changes to the rules, or simply getting into great shape are just a few aspects of what the officials do during their own training camps. Also, working alongside the other four officials that will be with you on the field is important, so you could say they are also running teamwork practice plays.

These officials will primarily be focused on endurance, proper stretching techniques, movement skills, nutrition and recovery after games at these clinics. They will certainly need to be in great shape if they are to follow players around on field for 4 hours or more each game.

As they play such a crucial aspect during a football game, the officials will now be as prepared to perform as the actual NFL players are.

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