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Fans Rank Their Favorite Football Teams

Seattle Seahawks win football game.
NFL Football fan votes

Despite how well a NFL franchise is doing in the current football season, or how well they are ranking coming into Week 6, fans will always see the teams a certain way. This is why had fans vote to see which was their favorite team and compare them against each other, as well as other sports franchises from around the nation; including MLB, NBA, and NHL. There were a total of 122 franchises that were voted on, so compare how each team did against each other, as well against the other sports.

Rank Franchise Overall Position (out of 122)
1 Seattle Seahawks 5
2 Green Bay Packers 6
3 Indianapolis Colts 11
4 Baltimore Ravens 18
5 Denver Broncos 20
6 Carolina Panthers 24
7 New England Patriots 25
8 Pittsburgh Steelers 30
9 Arizona Cardinals 32
10 New Orleans Saints 33
11 Kansas City Chiefs 38
12 Buffalo Bills 49
13 Houston Texans 50
14 Atlanta Falcons 60
15 Jacksonville Jaguars 64
16 Dallas Cowboys 67
17 New York Giants 76
18 Philadelphia Eagles 79
19 Minnesota Vikings 86
20 Cincinnati Bengals 87
21 Detroit Lions 89
22 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 91
23 Miami Dolphins 92
24 San Francisco 49ers 104
25 Oakland Raiders 105
26 St. Louis Rams 108
27 Cleveland Browns 109
28 Chicago Bears 114
29 San Diego Chargers 115
30 New York Jets 116
31 Tennessee Titans 117
32 Washington Redskins 120

With the top ranked NFL teams currently, some of them not even reaching positions under 50, there is certainly a large skew as to how fans view those teams. There could simply be more fans that voted than others, but all-in-all we see that the Washington Redskins are still universally voted as the worst franchise in the League. The only two other franchises that beat the Redskins as the worst are, New York Knicks (NBA), and Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL).

There are 12 NFL teams that ranked below 80 overall, so that is a good sign. The top voted teams are in that spot due to their appeal. For instance, the Seattle Seahawks were voted number 1 (5 overall) due to their repeated appearances in the Super Bowl, as well as winning it once. The coaches, as well as how much the overall team is worth also plays a big part. If the Seahawks don’t start to perform up to the football hype, they may get knocked down in next year’s votes.

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