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NFL Football Week 5 Power Rankings

NFL Week 5 power rankings
NFL Football power rankings

With the first quarter of football games over with, we now move onto NFL Week 5 games and have seen a lot of teams shift up and down in the Power Rankings. With a lot of debate over the final game of the week between the Seattle Seahawks and Detroit Lions, we will see that other teams turned their losing streak upside down and were able to make some great upsets this week, which will probably help them climb up a few spots. The 2015 NFL Week 5 Power Rankings are:

Rank Team Record
1 Green Bay Packers 4-0
2 New England Patriots 3-0
3 Cincinnati Bengals 4-0
4 Denver Broncos 4-0
5 Atlanta Falcons 4-0
6 Arizona Cardinals 3-1
7 Carolina Panthers 4-0
8 Seattle Seahawks 2-2
9 New York Jets 3-1
10 Buffalo Bills 2-2
11 Minnesota Vikings 2-2
12 St. Louis Rams 2-2
13 Pittsburgh Steelers 2-2
14 Indianapolis Colts 2-2
15 New York Giants 2-2
16 San Diego Chargers 2-2
17 Kansas City Chiefs 1-3
18 Dallas Cowboys 2-2
19 Oakland Raiders 2-2
20 Washington Redskins 2-2
21 Baltimore Ravens 1-3
22 Philadelphia Eagles 1-3
23 Tennessee Titans 1-2
24 Detroit Lions 0-4
25 Jacksonville Jaguars 1-3
26 Cleveland Browns 1-3
27 Miami Dolphins 1-3
28 New Orleans Saints 1-3
29 San Francisco 49ers 1-3
30 Houston Texans 1-3
31 Chicago Bears 1-3
32 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-3

There were quite a few upsets this past week, with a lot of underdog teams making it through and finally getting their first or second victory of the season, giving their fans a little bit of hope. Some of the upsets include:

  • Ravens beating Steelers (23-20)
  • Redskins beating Eagles (23-20)
  • Bears beating Raiders (22-20)
  • Rams beating Cardinals (24-22)

The most impressive victory would have to be on behalf of the St. Louis Rams, as they were up against the Arizona Cardinals who were 3-0, as well as playing at Home; which gave them huge advantage at any sportsbook. The Bears were finally able to get their first victory of the season, as they look more like an NFL team than they did at the beginning.

A big shout-out to all the Detroit Lions fans, as we hope that the terrible call, or rather non-call, on behalf of the back judge Greg Wilson, which ultimately gave the Seahawks the ball and the close victory, won’t haunt them forever; as they are the only NFL team without a win. We will probably see a lot more upsets this week, but as the Patriots come off of their bye-week, let’s hope to see a big football splash as they face the Dallas Cowboys.

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