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NFL Football Week 2 Power Rankings

Aaron Rodgers handing the ball off.
Football team power rankings Week 2

As Week 2 of the 2015 NFL season is about to start, many football fans look forward to seeing which teams have improved, as well as which have gotten worse. There is nothing better than watching the underdog move up spots, while the overrated try to play their way back up. There has only been one week of games in the regular season, so these rankings can change, drastically, over the next 16 weeks.

The Week 2 NFL Power Rankings are:

NFL Power Rankings Week 2

It is remarkable that, previously ranked #1, the Seattle Seahawks would lose in overtime against the St. Louis Rams, 34-31 in overtime, but what else is amazing is that despite losing against a team ranked 19, they would only drop three spots. This must mean that the analysts at really have a lot of faith in the Seahawks, and it is possible that they stay ranked high.

There were many other surprises during the Week 1 games, including the victory of the Buffalo Bills, Atlanta Falcons, and the San Francisco 49ers. The fans were not the only ones surprised by the games and performances by the favored teams, as sportsbooks also suffered from the close games that were played. It was no surprise that the Patriots would beat the Steelers, as they were missing key players on the offense and defense, and on top of that, Brady returned to the lineup after winning his battle against Commissioner Roger Goodell and the Deflategate scandal.

The Green Bay Packers are once again looking strong, like they have at the beginning of several seasons in the past. Let’s hope they are able to keep the performance at a high level, or they won’t get to the Super Bowl, again. The football regular season is looking to be full of great competition.

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