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Seahawks Finally Playing Like Playoff Football Team

Seahawks beat Niners 20-3.
Seahawks playoff football performance

On Thursday Night Football, the Seattle Seahawks have finally proven to the fans that they are still big playoff contenders, despite their 3-4 standings. During their match at San Francisco 49ers, their defense was able to perform outstanding, as they shut down the Niners offense again and again. With a fresh looking offense, the Seahawks, along with Marshawn Lynch, looked like a completely different team than at the start of the season.

With their slow start and a 2-4 record before this game, many fans were worried, but they were not, as coach Pete Carroll stated about his team. The first touchdown came from 12 plays, where Lynch ran the ball nine times during that drive. From that moment on, we all knew that they came into this game to not only win it, but dominate it. They did just that, beating the 49ers 20-3 while shutting down their offense and running them over with theirs.

There are three big factors that fans can take away from this game:

  1. The Seahawks are looking to get back on track, and this game was their stepping stone. They may get out of their losing record soon, as they prepare to face the Cowboys, Cardinals, and the 49ers again.
  2. Marshawn Lynch had his best game so far this season. He carried the ball 27 times for 122 yards and scored a touchdown; he is a beast!
  3. Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett continue their dominance on defense. They are each rated among the best pass-rushing defensive ends in football this season. Bennett had 3.5 sacks and 3 tackles, while Avril had 1.5 sacks and 1 tackle; disrupting the 49ers offense all game.

The Seahawks now have their first road win this season, and may get their second real soon as they play against the Dallas Cowboys next week right before they get a Bye; a much needed rest. Even though the defense looked and played like a playoff team, their offense still has a few holes that need to get plugged, like their pass protection.

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