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Super Bowl 50 Upset, Projecting Football Winners for Next Year

Super Bowl 50 Upset, Projecting Football Winners for Next Year

Super Bowl 50 Upset, Projecting Football Winners for Next Year

The Denver Broncos led an amazing game against the favorites to win Carolina Panthers, beating them 24-10 to take their third football franchise Super Bowl victory. It was a great match, as the Bronco defense was unmerciful with Cam Newton, getting an interception, forcing two fumbles, one of which resulted in a defensive touchdown, and not to mention the seven sacks they got on him. Ultimately, capitalizing on errors, great field goals, and a defense that is ranked first in the league won the game.

Now that this year’s Super Bowl is over with, the hype, fans, and even sportsbooks are looking to the future. There are five teams that simply could have done better this season, but due to unforeseen circumstances like injuries, prevented them from making it to the championship final. These teams have good chances, if they improve on their mistakes, will make it to the playoffs and even have their shot at the title next year.

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys played a good enough season to realize two things:

  1. Their defense is amazing, and should continue to utilize them to their full potential.
  2. They desperately need a back-up quarterback, as it was clearly shown that if Tony Romo is injured, the offense can’t operate as well.

Having a healthy Romo, along with Dez Bryant, all they would need now is a good running back and would be set for offense.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers had a very weird season. On top of the many injuries that their first team suffered including Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell, among others, their quarterback also missed out on a few games. Ben Roethlisberger still has it in him to lead the team to another Super Bowl, but they would all need to be healthy. They went 10-6 in the regular season, managed to make it into the Playoffs, but lost to the Broncos. Having healthy players will be important, and their defense has stepped up as well, only allowing 19.9 points per game (11th) and did a good job at stopping the rush at 91.2 yards per game (5th).

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals were first in their division, going 12-4 during the regular season, but their playoffs were cut short by the Steelers. They arguably have one of the best overall teams in the NFL, as their offense is quite good, and their defense is even better. QB Andy Dalton will return next season even better, as he threw for 3,250 yards, 25 touchdowns, and had only 7 interceptions during the 13 games he played in before his injury. The way they were going, they could go all the way this upcoming season.

Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals played an amazing season, and it was mostly thanks to their quarterback Carson Palmer. He may be 36 years old, but he is playing like the pro he is, throwing for 4,671 yards, 35 touchdowns, and only giving up 11 interceptions. The team is full of wide receivers and has some great running backs, including, Larry Fitzgerald, Jon Brown, Michael Floyd, Chris Johnson, and David Johnson.

New England Patriots

It goes without saying that the Patriots will be one of the top contenders during the 2016 season. Their defense allowed 19.6 points per game (8th), and their offense scored 29.1 points per game (3rd), and with Tom Brady at the front, they will definitely be aiming towards another Super Bowl victory. They will still have Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski, who were both fundamental for their victories. Their injuries also hurt them during the playoffs, but having a healthy Dion Lewis or LeGarrette Blount will surely improve their offense.

These five football teams have what it takes to make it to the playoffs, and possibly to the Super Bowl 51 next season, so keep your eye on them.

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Super Bowl 50 football game

Super Bowl 50 Football Preview

super bowl football game

Super Bowl 50 will be one to remember as both football teams are fired up and ready to meet on the field, not to mention that it may be the last game that quarterback Peyton Manning will play as he may be retiring afterwards. The match-up between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos is going to be an intense one, seeing as how both teams have a solid defense, so the offense is what the winner has to focus on.

Denver Broncos

Manning is 39 years old, the oldest quarterback to start in a Super Bowl, but despite his popularity, he is not the center of attention in the upcoming game. The Broncos have won 11 games by seven or fewer points, but then won in the end thanks to their defense. Even Manning said it,

“Like I’ve said from the get-go, our defense has gotten us to this point. Let’s make that very clear.”

The players that are standing out are their cornerbacks, Chris Harris Jr., Aqib Talib, and Bradley Roby. They have beaten down the opponents passing plays, and Roby has even been used as a safety to stop the running plays. This is one factor that could lead them to victory over the Panthers, but it may not be enough to overcome their offense.

Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton is their most dangerous weapon, getting a total of 45 combined touchdowns; 35 passing and 10 rushing. The offensive line has only allowed him to get hit 61 times, the third-lowest total in the league. To top it off, he has Devin Funchess, Ted Ginn Jr., and Corey Brown there to catch his passes, and they have been doing it amazingly well. With Newton’s speed, agility, and the fact that he is a moving quarterback will most likely catch the Broncos defense off-guard in the first two quarters of the game, and that could mean a good lead for them at the half.

They will have a very hard time getting through the Bronco defense, as they are first in pass yards allowed (199.6) and third in rush yards allowed (83.6). It will be difficult for Newton to decide whether to throw or run the ball, but the plays will have to be perfect if they want the ball to pass through. The Panther defense is also doing well, so it will all depend on which football team’s offense can punch through the most.

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football Pro Bowl

Football Season Ending, Pro Bowl then Super Bowl

football Pro Bowl

Giving the football players two weeks to prepare for the Super Bowl is a great idea, and what makes it even better is that they have a great match-up the week before just for fun with the Pro Bowl. Every year the Pro Bowl brings together players from different teams and places them on the same team, which is a great way to get some of the best players to show their talent. It is as if a fantasy league team had come to life. This year, Jerry Rice and Michael Irvin are the two facing each other, as the public votes for which players get drafted to each team.

Here are a few of the players that got drafted to each team:

Team Irvin Team Rice
Player POS Player POS
Russell Wilson QB Derek Carr QB
Jameis Winston QB Eli Manning QB
Teddy Bridgewater QB Tyrod Taylor QB
Allen Robinson WR Amari Cooper WR
Julio Jones WR Odell Beckham Jr. WR
DeAndre Hopkins WR Jarvis Landry WR
A.J. Green WR T.Y. Hilton WR
Richard Sherman CB Marcus Peters CB
Desmond Trufant CB Vontae Davis CB
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie CB Brent Grimes CB
Adam Jones CB Jason Verrett CB


Seeing as how the Pro Bowl is mostly an offensive-type game, the players that stand out the most are the quarterbacks, wide receivers, and the corner backs. The game will take place at the Aloha Stadium on Honolulu Hawaii and kick-off will be at 2 p.m. local time. It will be a fun game to watch, so fans shouldn’t take it too seriously, seeing as sportsbooks are not even taking bets on the match. All of this takes place a week before the Super Bowl 50, where the Carolina Panthers face the Denver Broncos.

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football conference championships

Conference Championship Football Match-Ups

Only one more game until the Super Bowl, so watch as the last four football teams play it out for their spot at the Conference championships. Only four teams remain, the New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, Arizona Cardinals, and Carolina Panthers. During this weekend’s match-ups we will see the top franchises in the NFL battle it out for their shot to go to the Super Bowl. We all know that the most important player on the field is the quarterback, so let’s see which QB’s will be facing each other.

Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning

This is the equivalent to the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight, as these two throwing giants will be facing each other; too bad it’s not at the Super Bowl! Brady and Manning have been longtime rivals, ever since Manning was back with the Colts. It was mainly driven by the fact that each of their fan base, and the NFL in general, believe them to be the best quarterbacks. This match-up will certainly help fuel that rivalry.

Each team will need to have their players at their best, as the quarterback can only do so much. Brady has the advantage of having Rob Gronkowski, one of the best tight ends in the league. During the regular season Gronkowski caught for 72 receptions, 1,176 yards, and 11 touchdowns, and was instrumental in their victory over the Chiefs last week, getting another 83 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Manning doesn’t fall short on talent either, with the help from Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders, who both caught for more than 1,000 yards, and look to be in top shape coming into the playoffs. In the end, it will be up to which team has the better defense, seeing as how stopping any of these two giants will be key to winning.

Cardinals at Panthers

The Arizona Cardinals have the number one offense in the league, but will be going up against the Carolina Panthers, who have the number two rushing in the league. These two powerhouses will have a great game, and expect the scores to be high on both sides. Their offense is outstanding, but what makes them so good is that their defense are also at the top of their game.

This game is also an amazing preview of what the Super Bowl game could look like, and it will certainly be an intense football match.

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2016 football playoffs

Divisional Playoff Football Games and Match-ups

2016 football playoffs

Four football teams were able to make it past the Wild Card weekend, but now move on to face some heavy competition during the Divisional playoffs being played this weekend. The games will be close, as each team has their strengths, whether it is a great offense or defense in their favor. Check out the match-ups between the eight teams and see which ones you would pick to win.

Kansas City Chiefs @ New England Patriots

It is going to be a great game, but it could work out in favor of the Chiefs, as the Patriots will be playing with a few injured players that are key to their success. Quarterback Tom Brady will be playing with a high-ankle sprain, and wide receiver Julian Edelman with a broken foot, and with a few other unhealthy players. However, the Chiefs will also have a few missing players including, WR Jeremy Maclin and RB Spencer Ware due to ankle injuries. The Patriots are still the favorites to win, but with the Chiefs winning 11 consecutive games, they will be out for blood.

Green Bay Packers @ Arizona Cardinals

This would be a tough match-up for any team, as the Packers face off against the top favorite in the NFL, the Cardinals. The main reason is that during the regular season they proved they were Super Bowl material, and leading the league in offense, and having the fifth best defense doesn’t hurt either. Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the offense needs to play their best if they hope to score against the Cardinals.

Seattle Seahawks @ Carolina Panthers

A battle between giants will be played, as both the Seahawks and Panthers have a mighty lineup. Seahawks have: Thomas Rawls, Marshawn Lynch, and Russell Wilson at the front, while the Panthers come in with Jonathan Stewart and their amazing all-rounder, Cam Newton. Each team have impressive defenses, but in the end, whichever team has more possession will end up winning this game. In that respect, the Seahawks are at a disadvantage with the amount of turnovers they manage to win. The Panthers go into this game with a +20 turnover ratio, making them a force to reckon with.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Denver Broncos

The game no one wants to talk about. The Steelers have had an up-and-down season, and with their performance last week, they need to get their act together or this will be as far as they get this season. The Broncos started out the season with a punch, but performance steadily decreased near the end. So, it will be anyone’s best guess as to who will win this game. The Steelers battered offense or the Broncos somewhat reliable defense. Let’s hope Peyton Manning doesn’t choke and end the football season in defeat.

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Football power rankings

Week 17 Football Power Rankings

Football power rankings

With the last football games of the season being played this week, it is important for fans to know where their favorite teams stand, and thanks to all of the experts, we have the power rankings ready to give insight into which teams could walk away with another win or loss. It is crucial for some teams to win this week if they want to try and make it into the Playoffs.

Rank Team Record Previous Rank
1 Cardinals 13-2 2
2 Panthers 14-1 1
3 Patriots 12-3 3
4 Broncos 11-4 8
5 Jets 10-5 10
6 Bengals 11-4 5
7 Chiefs 10-5 9
8 Packers 10-5 6
9 Steelers 9-6 4
10 Seahawks 9-6 7
11 Vikings 10-5 11
12 Redskins 8-7 12
13 Raiders 7-8 14
14 Texans 8-7 13
15 Falcons 8-7 16
16 Bills 7-8 18
17 Rams 7-8 22
18 Colts 7-8 21
19 Eagles 6-9 19
20 Saints 6-9 23
21 Giants 6-9 15
22 Buccaneers 6-9 17
23 Lions 6-9 26
24 Ravens 5-10 28
25 Bears 6-9 24
26 Jaguars 5-10 20
27 Dolphins 5-10 25
28 Chargers 4-11 27
29 Cowboys 4-11 29
30 Browns 3-12 32
31 49ers 4-11 30
32 Titans 3-12 31


We can see that the Carolina Panthers have relinquished their number one spot on the rankings after four weeks, and if they continue with the trend where the other five teams that started 6-0 or better this season have followed up their winning streak with two consecutive losses. We may see them end the season with 14-2 as they go up against the Buccaneers, but it doesn’t seem probable.

The Broncos and Jets seem to be moving up the rankings, as they have been down further after they got their losses. The opposite is also true, as the Packers and Steelers have had a up-and-down season, going on losing and winning streaks, and may end the season right on the line into getting into the playoffs. There are a few teams that could use this extra victory as they go into the Wild Card games, which include (as of Week 16):

New York Jets

Cincinnati Bengals

Kansas City Chiefs

Houston Texans

Seattle Seahawks

Green Bay Packers

Minnesota Vikings

Washington Redskins

So, choose carefully which football teams you think will make it passed the Wild card stage and into the Playoffs, as the power ranking prove that no team is safe.

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St. Louis Rams at Minnesota Vikings NFL Week 9

Week 9 Football Picks; Rams Over Vikings

Football picks for Week 9

As the Week 9 football games approach, we always come up with our own predictions of which teams will win, and sometimes they coincide with the odds at the sportsbooks, but there are times when against all odds, the underdog could very well win; or at least in some cases, beat the spread. This week there are some good heads-up matches that could help determine which team could make it to the playoffs. Let’s take a look at the matchups, along with the experts picks.

Game Expert: Kevin Patra Nate Silver’s ELO
Browns at Bengals Bengals Bengals (89%)
Dolphins at Bills Bills Bills (61%)
Raiders at Steelers Steelers Steelers (72%)
Titans at Saints Saints Saints (82%)
Jaguars at Jets Jets Jets (77%)
Redskins at Patriots Patriots Patriots (93%)
Rams at Vikings Rams Vikings (66%)
Packers at Panthers Packers Panthers (55%)
Falcons at 49ers Falcons Falcons (51%)
Giants at Buccaneers Giants Giants (59%)
Broncos at Colts Broncos Broncos (68%)
Eagles at Cowboys Eagles Cowboys (54%)
Bears at Chargers Chargers Chargers (68%)

This is taking a look at personal and sport related experience versus a calculated formula, we can see that the majority they both agree on which team has the best chances of winning the game, but there are a few where the experience believes that a team can win, despite what the stats and numbers indicate. The game that most experts believe is in favor of the underdog, the St. Louis Rams will beat favorites Minnesota Vikings, while on the road.

Both of these teams are very similar, as they each have impressive defenses, ranking Rams (6th) and Vikings (7th) in the League, and both depend heavily on their rush offense. The reason why the experts believe the Rams have good chances of winning this game is due to the fact that their defense has held their opponents to ZERO touchdowns for the last two games, where they were able to get two much needed victories. Unless it is a supercharged offense, they have been able to keep the score low, and that is what will give them their fifth win of the season.

There will be plenty of close football games this week, but this game in particular may give the underdog Rams their chance to advance and hopefully make it to the playoffs.

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Football player fumble stats

Football Fumble Stats So Far This NFL Season

Football player fumble stats

The most important aspect that any football player learns is to always protect the ball when you are carrying it or catching it. There are some NFL players that have taken that to heart, while others still need to practice. A fumble is the worst thing that can happen to a team, seeing as how it gives their opponents the chance to gain possession and even score, and the best case scenario is that they recover the ball, but only lose a few yards.

Based on this, here are some of the skill-position fumble stats showing who is good and who needs to get glue on their hands.

Most Fumbles By Skill Player
Player Team Fumbles Touches
Melvin Gordon Chargers 4 98
Brandon Marshall Jets 3 41
Ameer Abdullah Lions 3 75
Adrian Peterson Vikings 3 133
Least Fumbles By Skill Player
Player Team Fumbles Touches
T.J. Yeldon Jaguars 0 117
Marshawn Lynch Seahawks 0 92
Ronnie Hillman Broncos 0 72
Thomas Rawls Seahawks 0 68
Shane Vereen Giants 0 55

Even though T.J. Yeldon leads with 0 fumbles and 117 touches, he has a drop percent of 13% (3 out of 23). So, we can tell that some of these running backs are great when they are given the ball, as they have a good grip on it, but when the ball is tossed to them, they may not have the best hands for it. On the other hand, it is important to know which of the quarterbacks are better or worse when it comes to holding onto the ball.

Most Fumbles By  Quarterback
Player Team Fumbles Snaps
Josh McCown Browns 6 366
Marcus Mariota Titans 5 305
Colin Kaepernick 49ers 4 412
Least Fumbles By Quarterback
Player Team Fumbles Snaps
Brandon Weeden Cowboys 0 195
Peyton Manning Broncos 0 390
Ryan Mallett Texans 0 250
Aaron Rodgers Packers 1 361
Cam Newton Panthers 1 389
Matthew Stafford Lions 1 412

This not only reflects poorly on the quarterback, but the offensive line that is there to protect the quarterback as well. We can see that Peyton Manning and the Broncos have amazing pocket protection, which is probably what has let them go undefeated so far this season. Giving a great quarterback the time and space needed to make a pass is a dangerous thing in football.

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Top Three College Football Week 9 Betting Predictions

Top Three College Football Week 9 Betting Predictions

Top Three College Football Week 9 Betting Predictions

It has been a bit of a roller-coaster ride the past two weeks with my top picks for FootBall.US, but I am still ahead of the game at 4-2. The following is a look at my top three picks for this Saturday’s slate involving teams from the AAC, the ACC and the SEC. All picks are based on current betting odds from 5Dimes.

Saturday, Oct. 31

No. 3 Clemson Tigers (-10) at North Carolina State Wolfpack

Clemson is not only the top team in the ACC this season at 7-0 straight-up (4-3 against the spread), it is in great position to lay claim to one of the four sports in this year’s College Football Playoff. The Tigers are the real deal behind an offense that is gaining 465.4 yards a game and scoring an average of 38 points. Add in a defense that is ranked seventh in points allowed (14.3) and it is hard to see any team in this conference derailing this run.

The Wolfpack look pretty good on paper with a 5-2 record both SU and ATS, but most of that was built around a very soft nonconference schedule. NC State has already lost to Louisville as a home favorite and it was beaten by Virginia Tech 35-17 as a 2.5-point road underdog on Oct. 9. The Wolfpack did bounce back with a 35-17 victory against Wake Forest this past Saturday as 8.5-point favorites on the road, but I do not see them having what it takes to keep this game closer than 10 points.

No. 11 Florida Gators vs. Georgia Bulldogs (+3)

The Gators will have had two weeks to stew over their 35-28 loss to LSU on Oct. 17 as six-point road underdogs heading into this neutral-site SEC East clash at EverBank Field in Jacksonville. There is no doubt that Florida has one of the top defenses in the conference with a points allowed average of 17.3, but I tend to believe that the team as a whole was a bit overrated heading into that game against LSU. The loss of quarterback Will Grier due to suspension does not help the cause.

Georgia was also a bit overrated after reeling off four SU wins to start the season and its defense was exposed in back-to-back losses to Alabama at home and Tennessee on the road. Adding injury to insult, the Bulldogs also lost their top rusher on the year, Nick Chubbs in that shocking loss to the Volunteers. I am actually riding the revenge factor in this Saturday’s game. Georgia had beaten Florida three-straight times before last season’s 38-20 loss as an 11.5-point home favorite. I will take the Bulldogs and the three points this time around.

Vanderbilt Commodores at No. 18 Houston Cougars (-14)

The Commodores are coming off a tight 10-3 victory against Missouri as 1.5-point home underdogs in their first SEC win on the year. They are 3-4 SU overall with a 4-2-1 record ATS. Vanderbilt has not scored more than 17 points in six of seven games and it is ranked 119th in Division IA in scoring with an average of 18 points a game. The Commodores have remained stout on defense with a points-allowed average of 16.3.

Houston is one of three teams in the up-and-coming AAC that is undefeated on the year and ranked in the AP’s current Top 25. The Cougars are also one of the better defensive teams in the nation with a points-allowed average of 19.7, but the main reason I like them to cover the two-touchdown spread in this matchup is an offense that is cranking-out an average of 561.2 total yards a game. This has resulted in a scoring average of 47 points a game that is ranked fourth in the country.

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Seahawks beat Niners 20-3.

Seahawks Finally Playing Like Playoff Football Team

Seahawks playoff football performance

On Thursday Night Football, the Seattle Seahawks have finally proven to the fans that they are still big playoff contenders, despite their 3-4 standings. During their match at San Francisco 49ers, their defense was able to perform outstanding, as they shut down the Niners offense again and again. With a fresh looking offense, the Seahawks, along with Marshawn Lynch, looked like a completely different team than at the start of the season.

With their slow start and a 2-4 record before this game, many fans were worried, but they were not, as coach Pete Carroll stated about his team. The first touchdown came from 12 plays, where Lynch ran the ball nine times during that drive. From that moment on, we all knew that they came into this game to not only win it, but dominate it. They did just that, beating the 49ers 20-3 while shutting down their offense and running them over with theirs.

There are three big factors that fans can take away from this game:

  1. The Seahawks are looking to get back on track, and this game was their stepping stone. They may get out of their losing record soon, as they prepare to face the Cowboys, Cardinals, and the 49ers again.
  2. Marshawn Lynch had his best game so far this season. He carried the ball 27 times for 122 yards and scored a touchdown; he is a beast!
  3. Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett continue their dominance on defense. They are each rated among the best pass-rushing defensive ends in football this season. Bennett had 3.5 sacks and 3 tackles, while Avril had 1.5 sacks and 1 tackle; disrupting the 49ers offense all game.

The Seahawks now have their first road win this season, and may get their second real soon as they play against the Dallas Cowboys next week right before they get a Bye; a much needed rest. Even though the defense looked and played like a playoff team, their offense still has a few holes that need to get plugged, like their pass protection.

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