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Watch: Bucs almost pull off miraculous final play

The Atlanta Falcons got into another shootout Sunday afternoon. But this time, they came out on top. Just barely, that is. Down 34-29 with seven seconds to go, the Bucs would have one more chance to win it. And, they got to call their final play from Atlanta’s 21-yard line. So what did they go with? A quarterback draw. Well, sort of. To be honest, we don’t think DeSean Jackson makes it into the endzone even if he does come up with that one. But at the same time, who knows? He might have had a chance. As for the result, this is huge for the Falcons. With the win they move back to 2-4 on the season. They’re still last place in the NFC South, but they’re not dead yet. Not to mention, Washington beat Carolina on Sunday to drop the Panthers to 3-2. As for the Bucs, they’re now on a three-game losing streak after a hot 2-0 start. For what it’s worth, though, Jameis Winston did play well. He went 30-of-41 (73.2 percent) with 395 yards, four TDs and a pair of interceptions. But it wasn’t enough, and now the Bucs hav

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